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egg inspiration

B is going through this really phenomenal stage where he excitedly “oooh!”s at everything we do or hold. I brought some lunch plates over to the table, and he greeted me with a loud “oooooh!” Like I had arrived with the most magnificent unicorn, instead of plates of cut up veggies. I hope he does this forever. Anyway, he’s got great enthusiasm, and I’m looking forward to dying eggs with him. Until then, these pretty eggs I’m sure even the Easter bunny would be happy to find. From here and here.


time to grow again

I love the Easter season. All the flowers and buds appearing. The promise of leaves in all the trees comes true. The sunshine and dirt on your hands. Being reminded that nature knows what its doing. May your weekend be filled with bunnies, blooms, and love. Have a happy holiday!


easter shortbread

I love shortbread. Its simple. Its good. And in our opinion, it tastes better when its a couple days old, so its the perfect make ahead cookie. I also love decorating them, since you have to get creative. Any utensil is fair game for making designs.

For the Easter version of shortbread, we made sheep, bunny, and tulip shapes. I LOVE the sheeps. SO FLUFFY.

eastershortbread3eastershortbread2 eastershortbread1

Easter email marketing

The nerd inside of me always gets a little excited for major holidays because I get to see what creative (and not so creative) email marketing tactics brands use to try and get me to buy something from them. Below are a few of the many that hit my inbox yesterday morning for Easter. I have to say, HauteLook’s made me chuckle a little bit with their “clever” use of capitalization. Jo-Ann’s was un-inspiring but they did have an animated bunny in the body of their email so that made up for it in its own way.

cinnamon rolls

I made cinnamon rolls for Easter morning. I basically started crying as I was rolling them up because I missed having Easter with my Ma so much. It is really hard living across the country from her. But I think she was here with me a little bit, since this was my first time making cinnamon rolls on my own, and they turned out BEAUTIFUL.


We had our own little Easter, just me and my most wonderful and handsome fiance. We dyed some eggs, admired the Easter flowers, and made a big dinner. easter3eastereggseaster1

Easter morning

This morning I was greeted by the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls to kick off our first Easter morning in the same place! They were quite delicious. The girl and I both had a corner piece. On top of that we had some great Easter flowers that were recommended to me by the local florist person at our HEB since they were out of tulips.