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Funky chicken

I get a ton of emails everyday between my work and my personal email so it’s not often that I get an email that intrigues me enough to open if it’s not related to something I am actively working on or planning. Jack Brown Cleaners sent me the email below the other day and I have to say it was pretty entertaining to read. It had everything…a disco ball, a chicken, a patriotic appeal and a nostalgia because everyone has done the chicken dance before. Enjoy!

Easter email marketing

The nerd inside of me always gets a little excited for major holidays because I get to see what creative (and not so creative) email marketing tactics brands use to try and get me to buy something from them. Below are a few of the many that hit my inbox yesterday morning for Easter. I have to say, HauteLook’s made me chuckle a little bit with their “clever” use of capitalization. Jo-Ann’s was un-inspiring but they did have an animated bunny in the body of their email so that made up for it in its own way.