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pickle season

We have sooo many cucumbers. They are one of the only veggies in the garden not complaining about all these flooding rains. Just keep growing is their motto. I picked a big batch of pickling cucumbers last week, so now we haveĀ a couple jars of sweet pickles, to eat with our sandwiches or as snacks. We made some of Jon’s favorite pulled pork in the crock pot, and ate it on sandwiches with bbq sauce, and lots of these pickles!

pickles 2 pickles

when in austin: farmer’s market

When you live in Austin, you must go to the Farmer’s Market, with your dog while still wearing your Saturday morning yoga clothes. You have to buy the kettle corn (because its kettle corn), sample everything, and buy some fresh veggies.

On this particular trip, we impulse bought a couple pickling cucumbers, and then impulse bought all the supplies needed to make homemade pickles.

And just in case you thought making pickles smells good- it smells like we should be wearing this.