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Mobile tech envy

Have you ever been out with friends for a meal and you all order something different and when your friends get their food, you immediately want what they have? The girl and I call it “Food Envy” and it’s a very real thing. Aside from “Food Envy”, I find that I can often get the case of what I call “Mobile Tech Envy”.

I was using a Samsung GSIII and I loved it. The screen-size and operating system (with its superb Google integration) were a huge plus for me, although I had some trouble with the battery life at times but I suppose that’s a sacrifice you have to consider making when you get such a large screen.

I now face a dilemma because I switched back to my old iPhone 4 simply because I knew the girl was looking at upgrading to an iPhone 5 and I knew I would get a huge case of mobile tech envy so I made a pre-emptive move (and I liked the iMessage feature that you get between iPhones). BUT now that the new GS4 is due any day now after Samsung’s launch announcement, I now really want to get a GS4 when it comes time in a couple of months to renew my mobile plan. I am particularly intrigued by the Air Gesture and Dual Camera features as described in this Mashable review. I’ve caught the mobile tech envy bug yet again!

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 9.21.18 PM

Touchless Camera Pulse Sensor…whaaat?

This is an example of why I love technology. I no long am using an iPhone so I can’t test this app, but it just goes to show the imagination that people have of how to leverage technology we have to do something different.

Cardiio is a Touchless Camera Pulse Sensor App for the iPhone that can apparently turn your phone into “an accurate, touch-free heart rate monitor.”. How awesome is that!? It uses the camera to measure to analyze the amount of light reflected off your face to measure your pulse without any physical hardware.

The things people do with technology still amazes me. If you want to see the review of the app for yourself, it’s in the app store here.