Mobile tech envy

Have you ever been out with friends for a meal and you all order something different and when your friends get their food, you immediately want what they have? The girl and I call it “Food Envy” and it’s a very real thing. Aside from “Food Envy”, I find that I can often get the case of what I call “Mobile Tech Envy”.

I was using a Samsung GSIII and I loved it. The screen-size and operating system (with its superb Google integration) were a huge plus for me, although I had some trouble with the battery life at times but I suppose that’s a sacrifice you have to consider making when you get such a large screen.

I now face a dilemma because I switched back to my old iPhone 4 simply because I knew the girl was looking at upgrading to an iPhone 5 and I knew I would get a huge case of mobile tech envy so I made a pre-emptive move (and I liked the iMessage feature that you get between iPhones). BUT now that the new GS4 is due any day now after Samsung’s launch announcement, I now really want to get a GS4 when it comes time in a couple of months to renew my mobile plan. I am particularly intrigued by the Air Gesture and Dual Camera features as described in this Mashable review. I’ve caught the mobile tech envy bug yet again!

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 9.21.18 PM

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