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peach cobbler

We took an anniversary adventure to Fredericksburg last weekend. One of our main goals, besides celebrating our neverending love and devotion, was to obtain peaches. We are under the assumption that these peaches were picked fresh just for us. At this particular peach establishment, they also sold peach ice cream. So there were people sitting in rows of chairs, just silently eating peach ice cream. No words needed.


After we made it back home and took a nap, we promptly made a peach cobbler, with extra dashes of cinnamon, and with melty ice cream on top.


invited to dinner

The last group of peaches were invited to dinner. These peaches wanted to be the star of the show, but became best friends with some tomatoes, peppers, and spices, and decided to share the spotlight with them. Together, they made a salsa worth filling up on.

And thus concludes the story of the little box of peaches that found a nice home in our hearts, and bellies.


made into a pie

The second group of spunky peaches were made into a pie. This pie was not without obstacles. Being 70% juice, the peaches started out by resisting their new pie occupation. But with careful preparation, and a prayer as we placed it in the oven, the peaches came together again, this time to make something that forever will remind me of summer.

peachpie2 peachpie1

the story of the orphaned peaches

These poor peaches were orphans. Can you believe that at one point in their sweet lives, they weren’t wanted? My little heart breaks. Thankfully, they were taken in by the most wonderful family, and with a little help, they went on to become amazing things.¬†The juiciest peaches mixed with an inordinate amount of sugar, and became jam. The jam became part of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and will continue to sweeten our lives even after the seasons change.

peachjam2 peachjam1

peach crisp and vanilla ice cream

I usually stick with something apple-y for dessert on the Fourth, but I decided to try peaches this year. I really wanted peach pie at the wedding, but they weren’t in season there yet. So I have had a hankering ever since.

Our air conditioning decided not to work that day. I think it was making a point that it was a holiday. So I tried to get all my baking done in the morning before it got blazing hot. I managed to make a peach crisp and the ice cream base before noon. I called my ma to ask if it was ok that the ice cream never got fluffy enough, and she assured me that it will taste just fine. She is always right.

peachcrisp2 peachcrisp3 peachcrisp1