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homemade ginger soda

I’ve been experimenting with different ferments this winter. We made a lemon dill sauerkraut that is delicious, a beet kraut that is great with potatoes, and we’ve got a spicier kraut mix still bubbling away. Now we are trying out a ginger bug, that we can add to juice to make soda. I was hoping for more bubbles, but we still have a couple more days until it’s ready to try! Have you been cooking up anything exciting??

cookie time: ginger cookies

It was one of those times when my office was closed, but everyone else still had to work. I still feel a little lost on those kinds of days. I could hang out with a coworker, but really, its a day for not seeing the face of anyone that reminds me of work. That is the point of a 3 day weekend.

So I made ginger cookies from the trusty Betty Crocker cookbook. They were delicious and I ate a ton of cookie dough and 3 cookies, because no one was here to stop me.

ginger cookies 2 ginger cookies ginger cookies 3