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focaccia with rosemary

Focaccia is fun to make, because you get to poke it and make the little dimples all over. Its also super delicious from the oven. Soft but a little crispy around the edges from the oil. We have a ton of rosemary growing, so I was able to use very fresh herbs. I based mine on this recipe.

Our living room gets a lot of afternoon summer sun, so its the preferred dough rising area, but its been cloudy lately. So I tucked the dough into the blankets to rise.


I think that the herbs we grow smell the best, but I’m extremely biased. I want to try to make a wreath with all our sage soon.


And here we have the final product. I want to start a petition that the fat chunks of pepper is the only pepper allowed. Its my favorite.


sourdough/ week ten

We saw some really excellent looking focaccia bread at the store last week. I spent a couple minutes thinking to myself if sourdough focaccia was a thing, then consulted the internet, and the result was yes, it is a thing.focaccia3

I loosely based my focaccia experiment on this recipe here. It was mostly cloudy outside, so it didn’t rise as much as I was thinking, but there will be no problem at all¬†putting it in our bellies. Put some pesto and cheese on this, and call it dinner.foccacia2 focaccia1

raisin focaccia bread

A while back, my ma and I decided to try to make foccacia bread, but my brother said that it wouldn’t taste as good as the bakery kind. So I got to write in my diary that my brother thought wrong, because it tasted just as good, if not better.

This time, I tried raisin foccacia. I made half a batch, since we don’t need a monster amount of bread around here. I made sure to put as many finger pokes in the top as possible. I also made sure to spill half the raisin water on the floor, but if I were you, I would leave that part out.¬†raisinfoccacia2

There is just something about freshly baked bread. Its perfect. We ate this warmed in the toaster for breakfast for a couple days, then I sent the rest off to the office. But now that I’m thinking about it, we should have warmed it, and put a little butter/cinnamon/sugar combo on top for dessert. Oh darn, I’ll have to make some more.raisinfoccacia