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doughnuts for dessert

A couple days ago, I tried making these oatmeal cookie pie things. The cookie part of them turned out pretty awesome despite the weird ingredients, but I could not make the filling part work. I tried twice and used up all the milk. My guess is I didn’t beat the butter and sugar enough, but I whipped it up for like 10 minutes. I am still kinda bitter about it, but whatever.

But the universe made it up to me yesterday and gave me these doughnuts.┬áMy guy has been working awfully late this week, and I knew he would enjoy a baked espresso glazed doughnut. I switched it up a little bit, and made baked doughnut “holes” (aka I used a whoopie pie pan to make baby doughnuts). I also used gold sprinkles on top since I didn’t have any chocolate ones. The guy loved them, as did all the coworkers who enjoyed them this morning.

coffee donuts3coffee donuts2coffee donuts4

Candy-filled doughnuts

This weekend the girl and I went about making homemade fried doughnut holes! It was a lot of fun and the girl ended up making two batches of dough which meant that I had some left over to play with, which of course means I took some left-over Halloween candy and shoved it inside some doughnut dough and fried it. For one I used the inside of a Reese’s Cup and then for the other I used half of a Crunch bar. They both turned out really good, but I don’t think anyone could eat the whole thing. Or maybe it was because I had already had 3 or 4 regular doughnut holes that day already. The world will never know. :)