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banana cake with white butter frosting

One of our wedding cakes was a banana cake. Now, it may have tasted like the best cake ever simply because we shared a piece on our wedding day. But I tried to recreate it anyway!

There was shortening galore in the cake and frosting, because the outcome of this cake was serious business. I preformed a feat of magic in cutting a 13×9 cake in half, adding a layer of frosting and sliced bananas, and then successfully putting it back together.

SOOO GOOD! Not quite wedding cake, but I guess we can make do with this for now (in very small helpings).

banana cake banana cake2

peanut butter banana chocolate chip cookies

It all started when we wanted to see a movie at Alamo. And then we looked up their new menu, which had a peanut butter banana cookie. And we thought: huh, how bout that? So I looked to see if I could find a recipe for peanut butter banana cookies. And now here we are.

These cookies are definitely chewy and soft. They have a little different taste to them (and we ran out of chocolate chips!), but if you are looking for something new and different, try them out!

peanutbutterbanana peanutbutterbanana2


wake up early: make banana bread and bulletin boards

I love mornings. The day is full of possibilities and so much time. The world is still quiet. And for some reason, waking up early on the weekends is way easier than waking up early during the week, probably because of the option of napping at 10am exists.

So I made some banana bread for breakfast. Nothing smells better than baked goods fresh from the oven.

While the bread was cooking, I decided to make some fabric covered bulletin boards. Super easy. Just cut out fabric, warm up the hot glue gun, and put those suckers together. Then we stared at our love notes while we ate warm banana bread.

Inaccurate Smoothie Recipe – Banana-Strawberry-Raspberry

I bought a blender recently and have taken on making my own smoothies for myself and the girl. I’ve decided to start with breakfast smoothies as they seemed like the easiest ones to start with. I started out following a smoothie recipe that I found to the exact measurement and although it turned out pretty good, it got me thinking…you can’t really¬†mess up a smoothie as long as you’re working with the basic principles so I’ve started to make up my own smoothie recipes that are easy and pretty much follow common sense and my own taste buds.

First up, a banana-strawberry-raspberry smoothie. Here’s my first inaccurate smoothie recipe that was quite delicious:

  1. Add handful of ice cubes ( or frozen smoothie cubes if you have them!)
  2. Tear up a couple of bananas and throw in
  3. 5 to 7 strawberries with the tops cut off
  4. A long squeeze of honey from the bear
  5. A fistful of raspberries
  6. Lastly, a couple of spoonfuls of plain yogurt
  7. Blend well and enjoy