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cake with chocolate frosting

I think since cakes are mostly for special occasions, we don’t get a whole lot of chances to practice making them. Just a birthday every so often. Cakes are unlike cookies in this way, since you can make cookies just because you don’t have any. Cake is not a ever-replenishing resource.

This cake was all the way homemade, and the special occasion was that I was at home and we were almost out of pie. It is a peanut butter cake, with a thick chocolate cream filling, with a generous heaping of chocolate butter frosting on top. Betty Crocker does not mess around with chocolate frosting. I am not a huge frosting person, but I could eat that stuff right off the spatula.

chocolatefrosting chocolatefrosting2 chocolatefrosting3

banana cake with white butter frosting

One of our wedding cakes was a banana cake. Now, it may have tasted like the best cake ever simply because we shared a piece on our wedding day. But I tried to recreate it anyway!

There was shortening galore in the cake and frosting, because the outcome of this cake was serious business. I preformed a feat of magic in cutting a 13×9 cake in half, adding a layer of frosting and sliced bananas, and then successfully putting it back together.

SOOO GOOD! Not quite wedding cake, but I guess we can make do with this for now (in very small helpings).

banana cake banana cake2

mini little cupcakes

Sometimes, I want just like one bite of something. Like I want one bite of banana pudding (mmmm….banana pudding).

So when you want one bite of cake, you make mini cupcakes! These are so tiny! I made some butter pecan cake, topped with a bit of frosting, and a couple chopped pecans. Everyone at work said they tasted kinda like buttery waffles.

I was really nervous about the baking time for these little guys. I couldn’t find something that committed to a general time that mini cupcakes might bake. I ended up letting these guys be in the oven for 9 minutes, and they came out nice and moist.

We equated one cupcake to one bite of normal cake. So if you want three bites, then enjoy 3 mini cupcakes! Yummy math.

minicupcake3 minicupcake2 minicupcake1