picking out a knit hat

I feel like I’m getting fairly good at knitting dishcloths. My hand/yarn coordination is still a little rough (so if you have any tips/good youtube videos, please let me know), but surely I’ll get better with more practice. Now I want to try my hand at an easy knit hat pattern! Emphasis on easy. These two are cute options, and hopefully, very forgiving.

knithats  knithats2

2 thoughts on “picking out a knit hat

  1. Twilight Storm Crafts

    I’m not sure if you’re a member, but try Ravelry for a hat pattern. They have a huge library of patterns. I’ve started seriously trying to learn continental knitting recently and spend a lot of time just knitting something, getting half way done and ripping it out to start over because I wasn’t happy with how it was looking lol. Best wishes


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