A SXSW surprise

SXSW Interactive finished up this past week in Austin and I thought that it was a really great year. There was a ton of great panelists speaking on a range of topics from how to implement a social media customer service program to what it’s like to swap creative folks in an agency swap program between the U.S. and the UK. Even Al Gore made an appearance for a jam-packed session that I am fairly certain they had to simulcast from almost every exhibit hall for those who could not get into the live session just to make sure there wasn’t an uproar.

It was during the Al Gore session that I tried to sneak a peak of the latest celebrity to hit town, and not it was not a person. It was the real grumpy cat at the Mashable House! Unfortunately, I could not bring myself to stand in the ridiculously long line but I was able to grab a shot of a poster on the back of the tent.

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