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sourdough/ week six

This week was date bread. Dates are one of those foods I always forget that I like, but then I start sampling them and I remember.

I went a tiny bit off recipe for this one. The recipe is for a two-pound loaf, and I wanted to try halfing it. I also wanted to sub in some whole wheat flour too. I suppose dates and pecans are kinda heavy, so if I wanted more rise, all normal flour would have been the way to go. But I don’t mind dense breads at all.date and pecan breadThe loaf turned out a little small in the bread pan, because it was only one pound, but it had a nice shape. It did turn out a little bit dense, but still soft. I was going to take a picture of our toast this morning for the after, but once they were toasted, I put some butter and cinnamon and sugar on it, and it was basically the best thing I’ve eaten in a week. Good thing I have another slice in the morning to look forward to.

sourdough/ week five

practice 1

This week’s loaf is the classic wheat. Delicious and nutritious. We’ve eaten it as toast mostly, but I have a panzanella recipe that I am hoping to try tonight!

I have also been reading this book, and I am right in the middle of the air section. Super nerding out on the history of grains and such. I’ve been keeping the starter in the fridge and feeding it every week, and it works perfectly fine, but I might try a little experiment. Just to see what it does, I’m gonna try keeping it a little warmer and feeding it more frequently. I know everyone is eagerly awaiting the results.wheatbread

sourdough/ week four

The next recipe in our sourdough cookbook was a peasant black bread, which it says is based on a Russian staple. The recipe said specifically not to leave out the coriander, but I am a rebel, and I did. Because I didn’t have any, and also because cilantro is yucky.

I decided to make two smaller loaves this time, instead of one large loaf. So I basically worried the entire time it was in the oven, since I wasn’t quite sure of the cooking time. But it sounded good and hollow around 40 minutes, and it turned out nice and crumby inside, so we will put this one in the success column. peasantbread2

Oh, the bread is not black you say? I am told by the internet that it may darken over time, so every morning’s toast will be a surprise!peasantbread1

bread on the menu

Last week, we made a no knead sourdough bread, since it was late and I didn’t want to clean the counters again. We ate it right up with a boatload of lasagna. No knead bread is no joke.

Here are some good looking breads to consider baking soon. We got: apple sourdough bread, brioche donuts with honey glaze, challah pretzel bread, and cinnamon raisin soda bread. breads to make(pictures from respective links)

Yum! Get to it!

sourdough/ week three

I get so proud of the bread dough. Since we grew the starter ourselves from scratch, I am very mother bear about the yeast. I am so pleased when they do their best.

This recipe was for French bread. It is very, very similar to traditional sourdough, except that you also spritz the oven with water during the first 15 minutes of baking. This witchcraft magically makes the bread chewier, with a softer crust than normal sourdough.frenchbread1

Look at that sourdough starter at work! My chest swells with such pride.frenchbread2

This is the kitchen utensil I never knew existed, but now use all the time when making bread. You can lay down a nice, even flour bed for the dough with it. You can also use it to grab more flour when you need it and sprinkle it down, instead of reaching your dough hands straight into the flour, and then throwing it down in a big clump.frenchbread3frenchbread4

I accurately predicted the outcome of the finished product. YUM. The crust was lighter and softer, from the oven spritzing I assume, and the bread was amazingly delicious and chewy. We ate it just as is, no butter or jam necessary. Its that good. Well done, my little yeast children.frenchbread5frenchbread6

sourdough/ week two

This is a Swedish limpa bread made from sourdough starter. It has some rye flour, as well as some different types of seeds, a touch of brown sugar, and a little orange zest. Heartier and darker than traditional sourdough. We ate it as toast for breakfast with butter and jam. Yummy in the tummy.

I was excited to try a rye bread. The internet says that rye sourdough is supposed to be the most healthy type of bread. I was a tad worried about the rising process, since rye breads tend to be more dense, but my little yeast army worked like magic.sourdoughlimpabread

The guy just sharpened all our knives, so look at those beautiful slash marks now!

sourdough/ week one

My goal is to make at least one loaf of bread a week. Last week, I made 3 loaves of sourdough bread. Not because we went through it that quickly, but it took me three tries to get the hang of it. What do they say about that third time?

My ma and I grew our own sourdough starter last November. I brought half home with me, so we share it. I love that its alive, and I have to feed it, and make sure its happy.

The first loaf was very flat. It was a good first try, and I started to get the hang of the 3 proofs, and the timing, but I don’t think the starter was active enough. I also decided that kneading is a great workout.sourdough1 sourdough2

The second loaf was better, but I think it needed more flour maybe? I attempted a round loaf, and it kinda just went everywhere on the pan. It did have some bubbles in the bread, but it was still very flat.sourdough3 sourdough6

At least I learned from all the mistakes! The third loaf looked much different after the dough proof. I tried it in a loaf pan again, and the dough actually came up to the top! I am having a hard time making the slashes in the loaf before baking, and need to find a better tool for that. It keeps exploding on one side. But the slices look like real bread, and taste like it too!sourdough5 sourdough4 sourdough7

I am excited to see how my next loaf turns out, and can’t wait to try some variations!

the boudin bakery

While we were in San Francisco a couple weeks ago, we stopped at the Boudin Bakery. I have a slight obsession with making sourdough bread, so I was a little bit excited.boudin5

We ended up eating dinner there so we could go on the tour for free. More soup in breadbowls for us!boudin2

Where all the magic happens.boudin8

I was mildly interested in it, I guess.boudin7

They make animal shaped bread!boudin1

You can find a little video of our tour here!