sourdough/ week four

The next recipe in our sourdough cookbook was a peasant black bread, which it says is based on a Russian staple. The recipe said specifically not to leave out the coriander, but I am a rebel, and I did. Because I didn’t have any, and also because cilantro is yucky.

I decided to make two smaller loaves this time, instead of one large loaf. So I basically worried the entire time it was in the oven, since I wasn’t quite sure of the cooking time. But it sounded good and hollow around 40 minutes, and it turned out nice and crumby inside, so we will put this one in the success column. peasantbread2

Oh, the bread is not black you say? I am told by the internet that it may darken over time, so every morning’s toast will be a surprise!peasantbread1

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