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My favorite 5-year-old is about to become my favorite 6-year-old. I like to take these times as an excuse to make something I don’t normally make, usually dolls. She is obviously having a Frozen themed party (at the pool), so I made her some princesses. We also have to get her a couple other little things, since I know there comes an age where homemade dolls aren’t really gonna cut it. But we got her a pink scooter last year, so we can’t really top that anyway.


pretty pretty princesses

My sister needed a present to give to a little girl, and these are what she wanted to make. Sometimes, people say that they want to make something, and then somehow, I end up doing a lot of it. And you might not be able to tell from the picture, but these things are tiny, wee, little dolls.

I may have complained the entire way through making these, but really inside, I was not mad at all. Because look at their little faces, and their hair. You can’t be angry at that.

princesses3 princesses4 princesses1 princesses2

There are tutorials all over the internet of how to make these, in case you need some of your own.