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sick days

It seems like I always get a bad cold right around this time of year, every year. I forget how much of a bummer it is to have a cold.


So I’ve been drinking tea, and trying to work on a quilt. I also forgot how much math is involved in quilt making, and how hard it is to do math when your head is fuzzy.


weekend snaps

Couple of pictures from anniversary weekend.

1. Taking a walk through the flower field, and naming all the flowers we know.


2. Visits to all the small town Texas shops.


3. Dinner out of Johnny Appleseed’s hat with the most handsome guy in the world.



I am a morning person. I have my grumpy times, but there is just something about mornings that I really like. The day full of possibility. Breakfast. Lots of good things happen in the morning.

Some of my current morning routines:


Go around the house and let the light in. Houseplants need to eat that sunshine. I’m their adopted plant mom, so I have to take care of them.


Try to make the bed. It really doesn’t take that long, and it makes the room look nice and cozy. I had a goal this year to be more aware of those kinds of little tasks.


Each of my individual muscle fibers tie themselves into a double knot while I am sleeping. So I feel much better if I do some yoga, or go for a jog and stretch, before breakfast and getting ready for work.

After five of those mornings, we get to have weekend mornings, which are even better!

things I am jazzed about this week


1. This guy. He is really the best, and I am so lucky to do another year with him.

2. We are finally getting a new dishwasher! How domestic that we are so excited for new appliances.

3. I got a new planner for Christmas, and I already filled up a whole week.

4. Its so chilly out, perfect for snuggling together with hot tea in the evenings.

5. Books. I just finished The Goldfinch, and now I’m reading Burial Rites, and this is up next.

6. Working on happy new year cards, since we didn’t get Christmas ones sent out in time.

7. Starting some new sewing projects.