I am a morning person. I have my grumpy times, but there is just something about mornings that I really like. The day full of possibility. Breakfast. Lots of good things happen in the morning.

Some of my current morning routines:


Go around the house and let the light in. Houseplants need to eat that sunshine. I’m their adopted plant mom, so I have to take care of them.


Try to make the bed. It really doesn’t take that long, and it makes the room look nice and cozy. I had a goal this year to be more aware of those kinds of little tasks.


Each of my individual muscle fibers tie themselves into a double knot while I am sleeping. So I feel much better if I do some yoga, or go for a jog and stretch, before breakfast and getting ready for work.

After five of those mornings, we get to have weekend mornings, which are even better!

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