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a new resolution

Most of our resolutions are the normal boring things, like drink enough water, eat our vegetables- the normal good habits. One of my not quite as boring resolutions this year is to keep a journal. Last year, I used a little calendar as a journal. I would just make some short notes of what I worked on that day, anything we did together. Just a couple words to fit in the calendar date box. But this year I am giving myself a little more room with a big girl journal. Lots of blank space for words and pictures, and maybe even some photos.


new in the shop: woven notebook

I am a notorious list maker. My work space gets covered in little sticky notes throughout the days and week, and then I collect and categorize them in notebooks. My favorite notebooks have pretty covers, so I don’t lose them. This notebook has a cool woven cover to make it extra special.


Its a kit, if you were looking to try your hand at weaving on a small scale! I wanted to use the fun yellow color, and ended up with an upside down pineapple, just in time for summer.