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a new resolution

Most of our resolutions are the normal boring things, like drink enough water, eat our vegetables- the normal good habits. One of my not quite as boring resolutions this year is to keep a journal. Last year, I used a little calendar as a journal. I would just make some short notes of what I worked on that day, anything we did together. Just a couple words to fit in the calendar date box. But this year I am giving myself a little more room with a big girl journal. Lots of blank space for words and pictures, and maybe even some photos.


happy new year cards

According to the internet, we were probably supposed to get some adorable professional photos taken for Christmas for our newlywed year. And then we were supposed to send out a sweet holiday card to everyone that would arrive the week before. But instead, we spent the most of December attending parties, and then skipped town. No regrets.

But I do love a good Christmas card. And I know that I can only use wedding photos for so long before other people get tired of them. Solution: happy new year cards


I made them in similar style to our wedding invites, and used one of my favorite photos from our wedding. I love them, so I hope our family is happy to see them in the mail soon! I will have a slightly similar pattern of card available in my etsy shop soon!newyearcard3 newyearcard