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wedding project: wedding bells

My ma has this really big bell. So big it is mounted on a big post. We decided that when we said I do, someone needs to ring the “wedding bell”. GET IT??

So we also made little miniature versions for all the guests to ring. They are just little scraps of leftover fabric and ribbon, tied onto wooden dowels. It took me some hunting to find some suitable bells that weren’t too big, still made noise, and didn’t cost a fortune. Once they were done, we stuck them all in a little flower pail and added a sign. We saw lots of the little ones running around with them after the ceremony, and at the end of the night, everyone rang them as we drove off together.

weddingbells weddingbells2 © Josh Duffus Photography © Josh Duffus Photography

wedding project: fabric ribbons

These ribbons are only if your wedding guests are the very best, like ours were. I started making them as a busy project a couple months beforehand. It was one of those instantly gratifying projects. I first got the idea when I made this ribbon for my ma. And my ma is always my inspiration.

I took some leftover fabric scraps from some other wedding decorations, and I made a million yo-yos. I then scrounged up some felt in coordinating colors, and glued on the extra bits. I attached a pin back to the back of the ribbon.

ribbons2 ribbons1 ribbons5 ribbons3

On wedding day, we put them all in berry baskets by the wedding programs. It made me very happy to see everyone wearing them!

ribbons6(photo by our amazing photographer)

letterpress cookie cutters

I am a big dessert/baked treat fan (obvi). So I am looking forward to making a lot of treats for our wedding dessert table. My beautiful sister got me these amazing letterpress cookie cutters, and I tested them out the other day.

I was a little sad when I realized that I only have green and yellow food coloring. My wedding will not be Packers themed.

I think they turned out really fun! I love that each of the letters are different, so they look crazy cool when you group them together. Next time, I am going to try making them a bit thinner (even though I like a fat sugar cookie), and flood them with bright colored icing. A couple more tries, and I think these cookies have some definite potential.

cookie press 6 cookie press 7 cookie press 3cookie press 2