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Our first registry!

Last weekend we when to our first registry at¬†Crate & Barrel!¬†Overall, it was a pretty fun experience. We showed up early in the morning before the store was open to the public and we got to go in and mosey around. We got there before the rest of the couples so we had some time to kill before things got started. Crate & Barrel did a good job setting up and even provided coffee, baked goods and a cake tasting. We didn’t taste any cake since it was 9 a.m. in the morning and felt that maybe breakfast tacos might have been a better choice.

I used the Crate & Barrel iPhone app instead of the scanner, which to my disappointment wasn’t even the scanner that you see in all the movies that is shaped like a gun so you can shoot everything you want. We found a few things that we liked and didn’t try to go too crazy by only focusing on the essential things that we felt that we would need when we official embark on our married life together.

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