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wedding project: wooden sign

Our wedding was very homemade. Like the it-was-in-my-backyard-and-we-made-all-the-food brand of homemade. We planned out most of it, but there were a lot of little serendipity projects right at the end. We just happened to have certain things lying around at the exact moment we got an idea. So I thought I would share a couple of those projects. The first is a wooden sign.

We were thinking that this tree needed a little something, and we happened to have this old piece of wood. So I whipped up a little sign. I painted on the letters, and the guy tied the rope around it. Teamwork.

married sign2 married sign1

festive and bright

My mom, sister, and I made these for a little crafting experiment. I like the idea of a little fabric or paper banner for the wedding, so we tried out a couple tutorials we found to see what we could make. We used this tutorial for the little tissue tassels, and this tutorial for the big pom pom. I have seen some more tutorials since for the tissue tassels that might be a little better, and I have pinned them here.

I really enjoy the making and creating of things (obviously), so I am looking forward to more wedding projects to see what I like best!

tissue decorations

silver and gold…. no, just gold.

Who said pumpkins are just for fall?

We spray painted all the things gold. For the pumpkins, we spray painted them, cut some decorative holes, and made them into festive lanterns. We also gold-ified some squashes, pinecones, and branches. They all made lovely decorations for a very special occasion.spray paint all the things gold pumpkins gold gourdsgold pumpkin lanterns