things that caught my eye this week/ six

We were lucky to catch the skywriting last night for Pi day. We literally walked out the front door for our evening walk, and caught them in the act. It was pretty mesmerizing to watch.pi in the sky

Some things I found this week:

  • This bag would have been a perfect farmer’s market tote.
  • Love the idea of sourdough breakfast pizza. I can’t wait to try pizza dough with my starter!
  • I loved contests as a kid, and I definitely would have entered this one!
  • Even the in progress photos of this little project look gorgeous.
  • I finally finished up this book, and it was so interesting. It really got me thinking about fermenting foods, and how it has always been a part of our culture and diet, until more recently. The argument behind feeding our whole body, and all the little organisms that work to keep us healthy, makes a lot of sense. We are gonna try our hand at maybe some carrots, sauerkraut, or kimchi (for that Korean husband of mine), and this hot sauce recipe seemed fairly simple too!

The guy spent last weekend SXSW-ing 24×7, so we are excited to spend a couple days together. We have a rock path to finish, some garden beds to make, cookies to deliver to friends, and some vegetables to ferment. Busy busy busy!

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