my very own cookies

I’m not sure it technically counts, since I just modified an existing recipe, but I have been telling everyone who will listen that I made my own cookie recipe. I am very good at following recipes, but I am not always as good at knowing what will taste good together, and what ratio they should go together at. But I took my best guess, and they turned out so good! I used this recipe, did a couple minor tweaks, and subbed in some oatmeal for some flour, and added butterscotch chips for chocolate. It has actually been cooler, wetter weather around here, and something about butterscotch and oatmeal seemed appropriate for the season!butterscotch1 butterscotch2Have you ever made up your own recipe? I feel like I need to have at least a couple of my very own recipes, so I can pass them along when I am a grandma.

2 thoughts on “my very own cookies

  1. makingmondays

    I’d say it counts. I remember baking oatmeal cookies from my mom’s handwritten recipe book, years later I called and asked for the recipe only to learn it was on top of the Quaker Oats can plus an extra half teaspoon vanilla :) You can imagine my disappointment, but I still wrote it in my own recipe book I may keep the original source a secret when I hand it down to my own.

    I love the idea of oatmeal and butterscotch, going to have to try it.

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