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eat our feelings cookies

It was a rougher than average week over here. It may not always be the healthiest habit, but I think we fall in the eat our feelings category. We had to go re-stock our fridge, and while we had a very specific shopping list, somehow the white chocolate chips jumped into our cart. I mixed them up into some cookies with some pecans, and we ate a bunch of them warm from the oven. Can always count on cookies. (I also stuck a bunch of dough in the freezer, and you are welcome, future selves.)

late night cookies

white chocolate macadamia nut

My office sometimes has lunch brought in for meetings and such. Its usually never exactly meant for me, but sometimes, a leftover cookie finds its way into my belly.

But the white chocolate macadamia nut cookies from restaurants are always sooo good. They are like thick and chewy and full of delicious. So I decided to make some of my own. I used this recipe, and I highly recommend it. I mean, look at the nooks, crannies, and chunks. I still have some experimenting to do to make them come out just like the bakery, but I think this was a very good start.

white chocolate 1 white chocolate 2 white chocolate 3PS- White chocolate is weird to me. It is a chocolate derivative. That sounds completely healthy.