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new in the shop: guitar cards

For some reason lately, I feel like I could learn to play the guitar. I am pretty terrible at most musical things, so I could be completely wrong here. But I know you can get 1/2 sized guitars, which would be good for me. And I am fairly good at memorizing patterns, so I feel like it is something I could learn. I just think it would be fun to sit in the backyard in the evening and play the guitar (provided someone tunes it for me). So some of my proceeds from my shops will be going into my future guitar fund.

In honor of my recent google search history, a guitar card is new in the shop this week!guitar

that one time i actually participated in sxsw

The guy won some tickets to a SXSW concert, so we decided to take a little impromptu adventure into that craziness!

We went European and walked a couple blocks to the bus stop, and then rode the bus downtown. It was nice to get some walking in, and the weather was good for it too. It actually wasn’t overwhelmingly crazy downtown. We got to stand in the VIP line, because we were so important, so that probably helped a bit. I am not a tall person, so I sometimes get super overwhelmed in crowds. We had a really fun evening of people watching, music enjoying, and laser light shows!


I stole most of these photos from the guy’s insta-g. He was a most artistic and handsome photographer for our evening.