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I like to imagine that my plants are happy to see me when I come home from work. Inside, they are like little puppies wagging their tails because I am, finally, home. We also have a silly puppy that does that, but I know the plants feel that way too. We are getting quite the collection of little green guys placed randomly throughout the house.

plants2 plants


Our bathroom in the new house was not my favorite. It literally has almost no place to put anything. The mirror is way too high on the wall, and I can only see half my face in it. It kind of needs more work, but we decided to do what we can to make it better for the time being.

And now it is like our favorite room in the house! We hung a little wall shelf with some plants. We hung a mirror ON TOP of the mirror, so I can see my own face. We added another shelf for storage with some baskets. And then we hung hooks for our towels behind the door, and added a collection of hand towels to the rack instead. Its so much brighter and happier in there now!

upgrade2 upgrade3 upgrade

house painters

We spent a weekend painting the inside of our new house. The previous owner had crazy color walls. Like one wall in the living room was teal. The master bedroom was two shades of purple. They probably loved them, so naturally, it was the first thing we changed. 

Painting is generally exhausting. All the arm movement just makes you feel sleepy. The first thing we did after we moved the furniture in was take a nap.