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yoga destiny

I’ve been trying to do a little bit of yoga every day this year. It helps my sewing shoulders. I used to go to classes when I lived down the street from a studio, so maybe someday soon I can start again and fulfill my destiny of becoming a yoga-class-farmers-market person. Here is some mat spray to keep your head clear and mat clean, and a cute yoga mat tote to sew.

yogathings   yogathings2

standing up

My job involves sitting at a desk all day. Exciting, right!?

One of my co-workers and I decided to try using a standing desk instead, which is really just a tall table that we put our computers on. I feel like it is pretty well known now that sitting all day isn’t all that good for your body. We have been using our standing desk for a couple weeks, and I can say that my back feels soo much better. My feet hurt a bit sometimes depending on my shoes, but I feel 100 times better at the end of the day.

Our next idea is to get a treadmill desk!

Have you ever tried a standing desk? What did you think?

standing desk

Concept diet: Insta-diet

Rules: You have to take a picture of everything you ever eat.

Theory: Inconvenience of taking a photo of everything you consume, and also, the shame of documenting things you shouldn’t have eaten, will deter you from straying from a healthy diet.

What we ate today:


Girl: Smoothie and egg, tea, My Fit Foods steak tacos, afternoon coffee drink, green peppers, lots of water and salami, mini pizza with lots of veggies, and half a cookie. Didn’t eat due to not having a camera or not wanting to admit that you ate it: Dried fruit and a cookie

Guy: Smoothie, breakfast kolache, wing, grilled chicken sandwich, iced tea, coffee, coffee, pizza and half a cookie. Didn’t eat: butterscotch candy