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what weekends are made of

We decided that this weekend was a pecan pie. Armed with a big bag of pecans, I got right to work on Saturday morning. Pecan pies scare me a little bit, since I didn’t grow up with them, and am not technically 100% sure what the consistency is supposed to be. But since my guy sure loves them, I need to teach myself to be unscared of them.


I followed part of the filling recipe from here. I like dark chocolate, and happened to have a bar of it.


We spent a lot of the weekend doing yardwork, which means you earn an extra big piece of pie in the evening. I think that is a rule somewhere.


dark chocolate pecan cookies

I got my hair cut yesterday. I have some wavy/curly/puffy hair, so they always blow it out all nice for me. BUT, it was raining when I left the salon, so it immediately got curly in some bits. Like washing your car, and then it rains. So anyway, COOKIES.

About wheat flour- the cookie dough doesn’t always taste the way you want, but the resulting cookie has a nice chew. Helps cut down on the cookie dough eating without compromising the results.


I used this recipe here, and added dark chocolate chips and chopped up pecans (aka the only mix-ins we got at the moment). They flew off my desk at work.bigcookie3 bigcookie2