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weekend snaps

The majority of the weekend was spent finishing a large order, but we still managed to have one of those simple, wonderful weekends. It was rainy, grey, and almost freezing- so perfect movie watching weather. Not too many pictures, but lots of time together. One of my favorite parts of the weekend was our gym and bagel date.


sourdough/ week eleven

We tried to make sourdough bagels, but¬†they didn’t really turn out exactly as planned. I rigged up a proofing box out of a tupperware container, and they looked like little pillows until we tried to tear them away from their new friends. I think the dough should have been more dry. At least they were still good enough to eat! We are definitely going to get back up on that bagel horse soon.


small success

I attempted bagel making yesterday, and made the best discovery. I found the place in the house that dough likes the best! It only took 3 months of experimenting, but it likes it best on the floor in the bedroom by the laundry basket next to the window. Success!!


BUT… I got caught up in how magnificent the dough was, and I totally forgot to oil or flour the pan when I let them do the second rise. So they stuck all over, they wouldn’t let go of my fingers, and most deflated trying to get them into the boiling water, so they came out a hot mess. I think the taste and texture really have potential though, so I will try again, with all the knowledge combined!bageldough2

not quite everything bagels

There is something so satisfying about kneading dough. Also, it is a great arm workout, especially after you just did an hour of yoga and have rubber band arms.

We made “everything” bagels. The guy was in charge of putting the holes in the bagels, and making the spices and such to go on top. We used salt, sesame seeds, and some minced garlic. It was our first time making bagels, and it wasn’t really that hard at all. We followed these directions¬†mostly, and ours turned out really good. We ate them fresh with a little cream cheese. Bagelicious.

bagel4 bagel3 bagel2 bagel1