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super bowl ad hashtags

Our team did not win the game (boo), and our MVPs were the dancing halftime sharks.

But we had a good time playing the commercial hashtag game! I imagine some people would have to be very bored to actually use some of these, but that run like a girl commercial just about made me cry. So for your information, here is a list of all the advertising hashtags from the Super Bowl:

Always #LikeAGirl
Avocados #FirstDraftEver
BMW #HelloFuture
Bud Light #upforanything
Budweiser #BestBuds
Chevy #OneBoldChoice
Coke #MakeItHappy
Doritos #Doritos
Dove #RealStrength
Esurance #sorta
Fiat #500X
GoDaddy #GoDaddy
Interstate #BiggerthanBatteries
Avocados #FirstDraftEver
Lexus #LexusNX
Loctite #WinAtGlue
Mercedes #TheBigRace
Microsoft #Empowering
Mophie #StayPowerful
Nationwide #MakeSafeHappen
NFL #SuperBowlRally
Nissan #WithDad
Progressive #FloMode
Skittles #SettleIt
Snickers #EatASnickers
T-Mobile #KimsDataStash, #Uncarrier
Toyota #OneBoldChoice
Wix #ItsThatEasy

Some of them didn’t put in a whole lot of effort to even bother with a hashtag. And we think real life Pac-Man deserved its own. And there you have our commentary on the ad¬†hashtags of Super Bowl 49.

A real-life Time Machine

Buzzfeed is currently featuring an awesome advertisement with page takeover by GE right now. I can’t take credit for finding this first as that honor goes to one of the creative directors that I work with. I think the coolest part about this is that not only is it interactive, but it refreshes the page with content and headlines from the time period you select! My favorite right now is the 30’s, partially because the top post is about racy swimwear ads from the 30’s. It also seems to be that people posting photos of their cats and dogs has been a trend ever since the camera was invented.

In case you missed, it, you can check it out here – Buzzfeed.com and the 30’s