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Every once in awhile, I see an ad that’s targeting me “on the line” that peaks my interest. I have to say, this ad by a t-shirt company was pretty good as someone over there determined there were enough Sanders (with no “S”!) on Facebook to do an ad that speaks directly to us. The most entertaining part was seeing all the other Sander folks on Facebook liking the ad, although I’m not sure how many t-shirts they actually sold…

2014-08-15 15.03.25

Chrome vs. Explorer TV ads

Has anyone else noticed how much Internet Explorer is promoting their new browser in TV commercials lately? To me, it’s really interesting to see how different they are from Google’s Chrome commercials and the two different angles each company is taking. Google Chrome commercials are sentimental and personal. Internet Explorer commercials are loud and flashy.

Just watch these two ads back to back and you will see what I mean. I have to hand it to Google, they definitely in my opinion although I am a fan of the soundtrack for the IE ad.