little purses

I was going through my sewing patterns, and I decided to whip up a couple of quick purses and make-up bags. I needed a new one, and its also nice to have a few sewed up for gifts and such. I love that cherry fabric. So summery!

cherrybag make-up bag

Are you sewing up anything fun for the summer?

2 thoughts on “little purses

  1. Heather Bittick

    What did you use for your interfacing? I have been playing with different types for my boxy bags but have not found one I like. I’ve seen quite a bit of recommendations to use two layers of Pellon SF 101 but that still isn’t quite thick enough for me.

    1. Chelsea Post author

      For these, I just used some more heavy duty interfacing. Its good enough to make it a little sturdier, but not nearly as thick as I would want for a make-up or travel bag. Ideally, I would use some heavier fabric, like a canvas or even like a vinyl lining. Something that holds a shape a little better! Would love to see what you’ve been sewing!!


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