guy’s fall wardrobe

I am eternally grateful that Jon has great style. I never worry about him dressing himself. Over the past couple years, he has managed to phase out most of his older, college frat-guy clothes, and replace them with very classic pieces that he can mix and match and always look put-together.

We usually go through our clothes every season and rotate/donate as necessary, but since everyone is doing these fall wardrobes recently, we thought it would be fun to do a guy version. So here is Jon’s fall wardrobe. It is 40 pieces total, including his shoes and accessories. Here is a snapshot, but you can click through the post to see all the choices!


It was pretty fun watching him carefully choose his wardrobe!

Button-downs are Jon’s staple for work. They range from more casual could-also-wear-to-brunch type shirts, to client meeting shirts. Blue check short sleeve (similar), red button down (similar), green button down (simliar)


Checked dress shirt (similar), white dress shirt (similar)


A variety of t-shirts for in and out of the office. Dark green V-neck (similar style), green henley (similar style), black graphic tee (another black graphic tee), white graphic tee (this shirt, but we can’t find it any more), grey and blue t-shirt, striped t-shirt, polo shirt (similar)


Blazers for meetings and getting fancy. Green jacket (similar but navy), brown corduroy jacket (similar), khaki jacket (similar cotton blazer)


Its not quite cool enough for sweaters yet, but hopefully in the next month or so. Hoodies are good for crisp morning walks to the coffee shop. Red elbow patch sweater (similar), black hoodie


Shorts! We’re in Austin, and its still pretty warm here in the fall, so shorts are a must for the weekend, and casual Fridays. Grey chambray shorts (similar), blue shorts, khaki shorts


Most weekdays are pants and button-down days. Khakis, navy pants, grey dress pants (similar)


Little bit more casual pants too. Green pants, jeans, brown cords


Jon only occasionally wears a tie, but he does love watches. Tie (close), black belt, brown belt, casual watch, fancy watch, walkie talkie watch


And if there is one thing Jon Sander loves, its shoes. Or as he says- he LIKES shoes. He LOVES me. Monk shoes (similar), black dress shoes, brown boots (similar), chukkas, sneakers (similar), high top sneakers


And then there are the burnt orange clothes. Stay tuned for a game day wardrobe post soon.

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