things that caught my eye/ fourteen

Some things I found this week:

  • A pretty reminder for watering houseplants.
  • Fun baking contest! The video makes it look so easy.
  • Speaking of baking videos, I have watched this video of a bakery in action many times.
  • I always say I want our yard to look garden party ready, and this dress would be cute for all these hypothetical outdoor gatherings.
  • Candles for book lovers.

We finally made and ordered a photo book with our wedding photos. I added in a bunch of craft project, making-of photos too, so it will be more the size of a short novel. Its been on my to-do list for almost a whole year now, and we can’t wait until it arrives!linkcactus

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I am a small town girl. I came to Austin to study at The University of Texas, and a very handsome boy sat behind me in class. I love baking, sewing, watching movies, laughing, and willing my plants to grow.

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