first week of fresh 20

Last week, we used one of the weekly menus from the Fresh 20 cookbook. We tried out one of the summer weeks, since we are in the middle of summer obvi.

Everything we made was pretty tasty. We generally eat fairly low carb and higher protein, so we made a couple modifications. We also only made 4 of the meals, since the guy was out of town one evening, and I just ate leftovers.

Dinner number one- turkey, salami, and cheese pita sandwich, with cut up veggies. Simple and classic, and super fast.


Dinner two- pizza with polenta crust. This was a new experiment for me, and I think it turned out pretty good. I added some leftover salami to the pizza to add a little something extra.fresh20.2

Dinner three- salmon salad pita sandwiches and some berries. This was super yummy, and surprisingly little work. I bet this would be pretty good cold for lunch the next day too.fresh20.3

Our fourth dinner was stuffed turkey burgers, but we used lean beef instead, and omitted the bread. I failed to take a picture, probably because I was extra hungry that day.

We missed out on what looks like a deconstructed spring roll recipe, but we will try it next time, and probably add shrimp to it.

All in all, we enjoyed it very much! I sometimes worry about trying new recipes on weeknights, because they always seem to take longer than planned. But these were all actually pretty quick and easy. We are trying one of the spring menus this week. We’ll see how that goes!

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