#SuBruNo: Brunch @ Austin Ale House

SuBruNo (Sunday-Brunch-Nothing) is something that the girl and I came up with because we’ve made a focused effort to only do the following on Sundays: Sunday stuff (like church), Brunch (because breakfast is our favorite meal) and Nothing (because that’s what Sundays are for).

This past weekend we tried out a new brunch spot with one of our close friends down at the Austin Ale House in downtown Austin. It had a cool vibe and was not too busy which we liked. The coffee was good, the service was prompt and their brunch was nice so all-in-all I would have to say it was a solid brunch adventure. I had the steak & eggs since they didn’t have eggs benedict and the girl had their free-range scramble which looked delicious.

Now, all we have to decide is where to this Sunday?

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