a card for a bridesmaid

You know all those cute little “Will you be my bridesmaid?” cards you see now? Well, I want that. I like the idea of doing something a little special. Its a big deal to me to get married, so hopefully it is a big deal for my besties. (I have it in my head that everyone hates being a bridesmaid. I blame the movies. I think its totally awesome.)

Anyway, I always love the peachy pinkĀ Rifle Paper Co. ones when I see them. (Even though it totally says yo instead of you, right?)

Rifle Paper Co bridesmaid card

But I wanted them like right now, and didn’t want to wait for the shipping, so I played around with a little sketch of my own with marker and stamps. This is what my half-done version looked like:

bridesmaid copy

But then I realized that I could be a little more creative than that. Sometimes I spend too much time browsing at things that are already made, and I just need that one moment of thought to spur a good idea. So I came up with something that was more me. And it features one of my most favorite crafts! I will share it here soon, but I just mailed them and don’t want to ruin the surprise.

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