A new bed for the puppy

In an effort to make Marley’s life a bit nicer, we’ve retired the crate and I got her a new bed this weekend since she is a pretty good dog and doesn’t get into too much trouble anyways so it didn’t really make sense to have the crate out and taking up space in our living room.

As you can tell from the picture below, Marley has quickly taken to her new bed that I got her. Supposedly it has some sort of special fabric to help reduce the smell of dog so fingers crossed that it’s true! Since she’s had it, she has laid in it probably 75% of her time being awake so I’d say she likes it.

Also, are there other dog owners out there that wonder if this is what their dog does all day long while they’re at work? Because I’m fairly certain this is all that mine does while I’m gone.

2012-12-28 16.40.06

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