Creating a cool heirloom

I have been very fortunate to have been able to spend some really great quality time with my family this holiday break. Christmas was really great this year and I have to admit that two of my favorite gifts were not even official presents! My mom and I were talking about watches and she mentioned that she had a few old watches from my grandpa that she thought I might like and I was all over them. The two that I liked the best are below. One is an old Timex that is really cool and the other is an old Bulova that was an anniversary gift for my grandpa when he was still working which makes both of them have a lot of sentimental value. I’m really excited to take these into a place to get them restored and fixed up a bit so I can start wearing them and then hopefully be able to start passing them down in the future…anyone know of a good place in Austin to take watches to?

2012-12-25 13.58.39

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