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detectives and doctors

What have you been watching? We watched all the seasons of Bored to Death. It has some amazing opening credits, and we still get a kick out of quoting the characters. Then I ran across the very short series, A Young Doctor’s Notebook, which is a super dark comedy and pretty bloody, but we loved it. Harry Potter and Jon Hamm get in fights and its the best. Have you found any gems lately?

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summer tv watching

What are you watching this summer? During those too hot weekend summer afternoons, we tend to hole up in a shady room and watch shows. We’ve been watching Downtown Abbey together, and then we recently started watching Orphan Black, so naturally we are almost done with it. If you haven’t seen it yet, Orphan Black is amazing. The same person plays a lot of the characters, and we have to continually exclaim out loud how much our minds are blown.

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