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extra sprinkles

I bought these sprinkles awhile back for some project or another. But they have been sitting right at the front of the shelf, like they constantly think they are the exact thing I opened the cupboard for. Well, it was finally their lucky day. I used this recipe to make some sprinkle cookies. (Mine don’t look like the recipe for some reason…I checked the measurements twice. Hmmm.) They are festive, pure sugar, and ready to party.

sprinklecookies2 sprinklecookies

Cute ice cream cone banner, huh? Ice cream cone gift tags with super cute sprinkles are now in the shop! Ready for birthday presents, celebration garlands, or anything else that needs some fun sprinkle action.

sprinklecookies4   sprinklecookies3

frozen yogurt with birthday cake crumbs

We had one of the best long weekends ever over here. Our yard looks awesome, and I think I have a hidden talent for arranging rocks. But we started off our holiday weekend by preparing for one of the most important parts of any day, dessert.

I found a recipe for birthday cake crumbs in this cookbook. I love eating those leftover bits of cake, so I wanted to try it out. Love the colorful sprinkles too.


To go with our yummy crumbs, I made a batch of frozen yogurt. Frozen yogurt is about as hard to make as whipped cream. I don’t know why we haven’t made any before! A perfect dessert at the end of our hot days working outside.