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new library book

Getting a new library book is so exciting! I was like 50th in line, and now its mine (for a short period of time)! I’m reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Have you read it? I’m about halfway through, and it is an interesting book. Since we live in a smaller house, we are good about only keeping things we use, and not letting stuff pile up. But I am a pretty sentimental person, so I have a hard time even thinking about getting rid of certain things. And where does my fabric and yarn stash fit in??

library book

two good things today

1. I got a library card! I can finally cross it off my to-do list after a million years. I got my first couple books last night, and I’ve had my nose in themĀ ever since. As a bonus, our nearest library has a pretty cool sign.


2. I made some banana bread yesterday evening, and it was a delicious breakfast, and also afternoon snack today.