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leftovers: frittata

I am thankful we both fall into the love leftovers category. We both have the odd foods we like better cold, and leftover dinner makes an easy work lunch the next day. We’ve been playing with recipes from this cookbook lately, and even though it specifically says its for two people, it can still be A LOT of food. So we still end up with extra.

This week, we made a frittata with some potatoes, asparagus, and red pepper for dinner. Yum, but I can’t eat half a pan of frittata in one sitting, so…

1. A breakfast frittata-co! Chop and heat up frittata, stick in tortilla, add some avocado, and you have a colorful breakfast taco.frittata1

2. Frittata-quiles! Chop and heat up frittata, crush up some blue corn tortilla chips and heat them up in a pan with some salsa, and stick them both on a plate together.frittata2