our halloween

I think when you sign the papers for a house, there is an agreement that you will hand out candy on Halloween. So we did our civic duty, and obliged the princesses, ninjas, and firemen who knocked on our door all evening, to the dog’s great annoyance.

halloween14.3 halloween14.2

Once we felt our time trapped in the house was done, we took a walk around the neighborhood to check out the decorations. Over the last couple weeks, we noticed a certain house kept getting spookier and spookier, and we were excited to see its final reveal.


Then we settled in at home with a large piece of pumpkin pie. A perfect little Hallowevening for us.


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I am a small town girl. I came to Austin to study at The University of Texas, and a very handsome boy sat behind me in class. I love baking, sewing, watching movies, laughing, and willing my plants to grow.

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