the tomato cage conundrum

These tomato plants. Who knew they would grow so much? Not us. The cherry tomatoes we got were labeled as “good for porch gardens”, so you would plant them in a pot, which made us believe they wouldn’t grow taller than a person. We thought to ourselves- the small tomato cages will probably be fine.

Maybe it was our fault for tenderly caring for them too much.


They have consumed the small tomato cages and laughed in our faces. They have become this massive wall of tomato plant, daring to slap you in the face with a rouge branch as you walk by. We have used some stakes and string to try to hold them in, but they are just spilling out every which way. It has been kinda rainstormy lately (which is good because we need rain!), but it makes me worry about the gangly tomato plants.

So after much stress, I found these tomato cages. Thankfully, you can build the cage around the plant. I don’t want to jinx it, because nature continues to prove to me who is boss, but look how nice and organized they are now. They have a hard time just telling me what they want, but I feel like they feel like they are better supported. Still not sure what to do about the overachievers popping out the top, but fingers crossed we are paidĀ back with a million tomatoes!


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