second week of fresh 20

Last week we went with one of the spring menus from Fresh 20. A lot of the summer menus want use of a grill, so we went with a do-able spring menu instead. Although, we could probably just cook our food out on the front sidewalk in the burning evening sun, am I right? We were able to make all 5 dinners, since there were no business trips for the guy, yay!

Dinner one- pretty simple. Porkchops, farro, and kale. I have never had farro before, but I really liked it. Also, just learned that farro is a confusing grain.fresh20 2.1

Dinner two- predictable meat, grain, and veggie combo. Salmon, couscous, and asparagus. We got crazy and made watermelon balls! Cookbook can’t hold us back.fresh20 2.2

Dinner three- steak and kale salad with couscous. I was a little worried about the raw kale, but after the lemon juice and salt, I kind of roughed it up with a spoon, and it softened up pretty good. I had leftovers for lunch the next day that were also very satisfactory.fresh20 2.3

Dinner four- its 100+ degrees outside, but we still made some soup and quesadillas with leftover porkchops. We may have been sweating in the kitchen a bit, but it was worth it.fresh20 2.4

Dinner five- spinach strata with crumbled bread and goat cheese on top. We paired it with some sliced veggies, and even more melon balls! Also, my newest creation, apple sticks (apple slices cut into long skinny pieces). I think they will be all the rage soon. We had the leftover strata for breakfast the next morning, and it was still pretty tasty for being reheated eggs.fresh20 2.5

So week two went well! It is fun to try all the new types of foods, and it is definitely good to know what is yummy or quick to make for the future. We are also learning more about what flavors go better with different things, which is something I have never really put a lot of thought into. On to the next week!

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