lemon poppyseed muffins

I am on an ongoing journey to find a muffin recipe that makes those big muffins with the big fat tops on them. I read somewhere that the secret was using yogurt, or something like that to give your muffin some oomph when its baking. I used a recipe similar to this, and added some lemon zest and poppy seeds.

One of the best parts of making muffins or cupcakes is putting the little cupcake liners in the pan. Instantly makes me feel like I am in the kitchen with my ma.poppyseed5

This batter is super thick. I imagine you could maybe put it in a loaf pan and make bread too.poppyseed4

The recipe said it makes 12 muffins. I checked multiple times. So I made only 12 (overflowing) muffins.poppyseed3

I skipped a glaze on top, since its mostly sugar, and we are trying to be a little healthy here.poppyseed2

And here is the huge muffin! Perfect for our Sunday brunch. I don’t think it is my perfect muffin recipe yet, but by george, it sure has a glorious top on it.poppyseed1

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